To the Vietnam Factory

You go through the trust of our customers, we in 2013 will celebrate the 60th anniversary of its founding.
We will continue to evolve into the world's manufacturing from manufacturing in Japan this milestone.

Now, as the growth stage of the world, Asia has embarked.
May 2012, preparing for Vietnam factory operation, in July 2013, to complete the Vietnam plant in industrial park Dong Nai Nyonchakku 3, set in Vietnam, that the wheel as a place of activity throughout Asia through the collaboration of many I will continue to spread.

Rd 2, Nhon Trach 3, IP-Phase 2, Long Tho Commune,Nhon Trach Dist ,
Dong Nai Province, Viet Nam

TEL 84-613-569-770
FAX 84-613-569-787

TheVietnam factory July 4 2013<you can see the next photo and click>

食堂 ランドリースペース 階段部分 2Fより工場内 ビジネスセンター2 ビジネスセンター1 ロビー2 ロビー 事務所 玄関ホールより事務所 現場事務所 フォークリフト 工作機械 ロボット溶接機 工場内2 工場内1 玄関ホール 玄関 正面2 正面1
  • Photo album situation of Vietnam factory

  • April 25th Vietnam factory construction status report 2013

Asphalt is laid on roads, glass went into the office building.

  • April 19th Vietnam factory construction status report 2013
  • A few more to complete for both office building / factory building.

  • March 28 Vietnam factory construction status report 2013
  • I entered to work the finish for both office building / factory building.

  • Construction Status Report & factory in Vietnam travel photo March 07, 2013
  • I began began finishing interior floor of the office building, and the roof of the factory building construction.

  • Construction Status Report Vietnam plant March 03, 2013
  • Interior construction of the office building is close to finishing, roof construction has started.

  • Construction Status Report Vietnam plant January 26, 2013
  • Also began construction of the office building interior completion of framework ends.

  • Construction Status Report Vietnam plant January 14, 2013
  • Steel building factory was set up.


  • Construction Status Report Vietnam plant December 23, 2012
  • Construction went well until just before completion of framework 3F
    office building.

    In addition, the President of Vietnam Nankai metal Yoshimoto was traveling from Japan told me to take a picture.
    (Click on the photo to enlarge)

    • Vietnam plant status report December 07, 2012

    3F pillar to rise, the entire skeleton was finally in sight.
    At the factory also started the construction of the wall, steel production plant is progressing well.

    • Vietnam plant status report November 26, 2012

    Also end mounting stairs to 3F, began exterior, the outer wall of the office building portion 2F, also out of the factory building foundation.Our factory Nhon Trach as the visible form New developments have been visible Vietnam business.

    • Vietnam plant status report November 23, 2012

    You have been part of the third floor of the office until concrete.
      Now I have to prepare the floor of the third floor. Began leveling roads on the south side. I think the image of the company can rise if the pillars of 3F.

    • Vietnam plant status report November 22, 2012

    Construction of office began 3F. Form has been visible appearance.
    You can feel the spread even imagine the view from the stairs 3F.

    • Vietnam plant status report November 15, 2012

    Spreading to parts of 2F 3F pillar construction formwork office begins, has started the development of connecting roads.

    • Vietnam plant status report, November 07, 2012

    Part stairwell entrance, out of concrete 2F begins, an important part of the building has come to be seen gradually


    • Vietnam plant status report, November 04, 2012

    Pillars of the firm stand, the wall began to be created.


    • Vietnam plant status report, September 18, 2012

    I've just been digging the foundation of the office.

    Some people should be working in the field, is a dream to see the blueprint of
    this plant is very hard.

    Sturdy foundation is made of reinforced concrete frame one by one.

    • The exhibition in Ho Chi Minh City to 6 days, October 04, 2012 has been exhibited (SECC).

    Became the exhibitors and simultaneous exhibition element mechanical technology that has been done in INTEX Osaka, to be able to explain to customers the technical capabilities of our company in the opening of which has been creation a booth at the exhibit was prepared by the company you.

    (State of the Intex Osaka)


    • Plant groundbreaking ceremony on September 10, 2012 have been made.

    I think in heaven from the morning rain did myself understood, groundbreaking ceremony will be held in the cloudy sky,
    Groundbreaking ceremony of the Vietnamese plant we progress with the contents of the plan.

    • Surveying investigation started on July 17.
    Storehouse setup in the west area.

    Approach ground setup near the factory entrance.

    Leveling the ground to the border of the site.




    All in the customer’s perspective Quality is chosen by the customer.

    We always see in the customer’s perspective.  Both quality and environmental conscious management is assured in the ISO9001 and ISO14001 standards.

    Quality Control
    There was an era after the second world war, where Japanese products were thought to be “cheap and dirty.”  After taking in America’s statistical quality control, we have learned that it is the key tool in management.



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